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Bye bye Wellington College!

(Post written by the girls)

This has been our last week at the campus!!!!! 🙂 🙁

On Saturday we went to Reading and had a lot of fun at the cinema watching the Minions’ movie. We had Red Velvet and chocolate chip cookie cupcakes that are an English and American speciality. When we go back, we played the piano.

On Sunday we went to Brighton. We went shopping and bought two books: Geek girl and Wimpy kid. We also went to visit the Royal Pavilion, which was amazing! And after that, we got some cockels and crab from a fresh fish shop by the sea and headed to the beach. Iruka was carrying the fish and suddenly an evil seagull stole it out of her hands!! We had to buy a second round of cockles…

When we were at the train we were so tired that we fell asleep right there.

We are happy and sad that we are leaving Wellington College because we have had a great experience here but we are also very happy to go back home!

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Weekend and farewells

(written by the children)

This weekend we went to Windsor and to the swimming pool. In Windsor we saw beautiful and white feathered swans. We found out with Iruka that they were called «the queen’s swans…» Then we went shopping. We found a fantastic sweet shop that contained more than a thousand types of candy that we didn’t know, like sugar mice, jelly beans, Harry Potter gummy frogs, strange flavoured chewing/bubble gum and Willy Wonka chocolates within many others. In the afternoon we went to the swimming pool and had a lot of fun doing tricks underwater and meeting new people there. Part of our group went home and we, (Blanca and Maria), holding our tears waved goodbye to them. After that, we went to the disco and danced but we didn’t have as much fun as when the others were here. WE MISS YOU!!


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Travelling is fun!

(Post made by the kids)

These days we were  doing lots of things .We went to a forest in Wellington and we found a park that was like a hospital of squirrels. We saw a squirrel with a plastic cup on its head. We took lots of pictures of the lake and played in the swings that we discovered near the «hospital».

We went to Gilford where there was a castle with lots of flowers in its garden. We went up to the tower and there were spiral stairs and they were very scary. Up the tower we were able to see all the city.

On Saturday we went to London and inside of a supermarket our monitor Iruka, encouraged us to try delicious chocolate chip cookies that she discovered when she was at university in the same city. After that we saw Queen Elisabeth tower (known as Big Ben), the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Covent Garden and we bought lots of souvenirs for our families. But our favorite place was Hamleys because its a huge toy store and we got to see all the fantastic toys and play with them. Some of us got glitter tattoos and patterned nails.

We had so much fun!!

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Playing and dancing around!

Estos dias hemos estados por el campus haciendo un monton de actividades interesantes. Hemos jugado a baseball con raquetas, hemos hecho una pasarela de moda con papel de periodico y hemos aprendido unos movimientos de baile nuevos con nuestro coreografo Fred! Por la noche pudimos aplicar nuestros nuevos conocimientos a la pista de baile, ya que ayer fue «disco night»!

Aunque estos dias esta haciendo un poco mas de frio que la semana pasada, encontramos un hueco para ir a la piscina y nadar un rato! (El agua estaba congelada, pero los nin@s se lo estaban pasando en grande!)

Os dejo un link con un video cortito, a ver que os parece! 

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Having fun in Brighton!

Ayer fuimos a la ciudad de Brighton, al sur del pais donde los Britanicos suelen ir a la playa a tomar un poco el sol.

Poco antes de llegar empezo a llover y parecia que no fuera a parar, pero despues de una hora de estar paseando, salio el sol! Pasamos un dia genial con Luke e Irmina que nos explicaron muchas cosas interesantes sobre Brighton. Vimos el mar, comimos berberechos frescos «cockles», paseamos por callejones de tiendas muy originales y subimos a una roller coaster!!!

Hoy, hemos empezado la semana con mucha energia de las escursiones y a la tarde los chic@s han estado jugando al aire libre a «old games»: carreras, el juego de las banderas, concurso de ping pong, etc.

Hasta la proxima!

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Birthday, Oxford and BBQ all in one day!

Today all the kids are helping to write the post, so the information is going to be a lot more interesting!!! We are writing in English to practice but the Spanish version is underneath.

The disco night was incredible! At the beginning we were all a little shy but after the choreographer started dancing we all joined him. When it finished we went outside and played «Pi» in the huge gardens and we saw a cat with three legs.

Yesterday, we started the lessons and we were a little bit tired but after we went to play tennis and to the swimming-pool and even the water was cold we swam and played a lot. For lunch we had fish and chips and they were yummy!

We then had Trivia night and we showed how much we know about Britain!

Today’s it has been the twins’ birthday!!! They turned 10 and we went to Oxford were we’ve visited museums, old buildings, universities and at the end we went shopping! On top of that, when we got to the campus, a great BBQ was waiting for us and we enjoyed it a lot.


Hoy los niños están ayudando a escribir el post, así que la información va a ser mucho más interesante !!!

La discoteca  de ayer fue increíble! Al principio estábamos un poco tímidos, pero después de que el coreógrafo empezara a bailar, todos nos unimos a él . Cuando terminó salimos y jugamos a » Pi » en los jardines y vimos un gato de tres patas.
Ayer , comenzamos las clases y estábamos un poco cansados, pero coimos «fish and chips» que nos dieron energia para ir a jugar a tenis y a la piscina que, aunque el agua estaba, fría hemos nadado y jugado mucho. Al atardecer, hemos tenido «Trivia Night» y hemos aprendido muchas cosas sobre Gran Bretana.

Hoy ha sido el cumpleanos de las gemelas y hemos ido a Oxford de visita! Hemos visto museos,  edificios antiguos, universidades y al final nos hemos ido de compras! A parte de eso, cuando hemos llegado al campusa, una gran barbacoa nos estaba esperando y la hemos disfrutado mucho.


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