Strawberry Fields Forever



The students officially kick off the third and final week of the Torbay experience. So far, they have visited cool places, participated in fun activities, and celebrated some birthdays! As for the English classes, the students have been working hard and making progress.  Some have been moved to higher level classes and others are earning quite their share of cookie money. What is cookie money? Cookie money is what the students earn for their behavior, participation, and effort.  They can use this cookie money to get prizes offered by the school such as a large chocolate bar and other treats. Also this week, the schedule switches back to activities in the morning and classes in the afternoon. All the students received their schedule for the week and are excited for the trips to Splashdown water park and Woodlands Adventure Park.  With all the action packed days ahead, the students enjoy their more laid back Monday in the fields of Goodrington Park. I hope you’re ready for the fun, our students sure are!