Here Comes The Sun

jóvenes Torbay

The beautiful weather continued Monday morning as the students gathered in front of the theater awaiting to take their English placement test.  The test took approximately 30 minutes to complete and afterwards they attended orientation.  At orientation they met the LAL staff, as well as received their schedule for the week and student id card.  For the first week, the students would be going on excursions in the morning and attending their classes in the afternoon.  After the orientation, the group was taken on a guided tour of Paignton and shown some of the main attractions the city has the offer.  After the guided tour, the students spent the day basking in the sun in Goodrington park.  Active students played soccer, rugby and volleyball matches, while other students spent time lounging in the grass or admiring the beautiful view of Goodrington beach. After a fun day in the sun, the students returned to the school to find out which classes they would be assigned to.  They were also reminded that the next day they would be going on their first excursion to Dartmouth.  After the class assignment the students were able to return to their families and continue their English experience.