You Say Goodbye and I say Hello!


Students heading to Torbay said Goodbye to their anticipation and hello to their 3 weeks of British Summer fun! After checking in all of their luggage, the students boarded their flight to London. Everything went smoothly at the Heathrow airport and the students were able to board their bus towards Paignton on time. Although it was a 5 hour drive to Paignton, the students kept occupied by singing songs, getting to know each other, and of course, taking power naps. They got the opportunity to stretch their legs for 45 minutes when they made a pit stop.  There they had the opportunity to practice their English as they ordered lunch on their own and visited some of the shops.  When they finally arrived in Paignton, the students were greeted by beautiful sunny weather, as well as welcoming host families waiting in the parking lot.   Each of the students were picked up by their hosts and went home to relax for the following day when they would attend orientation.