Bye bye Wellington College!

Wellington College

(Post written by the girls)

This has been our last week at the campus!!!!! 🙂 🙁

On Saturday we went to Reading and had a lot of fun at the cinema watching the Minions’ movie. We had Red Velvet and chocolate chip cookie cupcakes that are an English and American speciality. When we go back, we played the piano.

On Sunday we went to Brighton. We went shopping and bought two books: Geek girl and Wimpy kid. We also went to visit the Royal Pavilion, which was amazing! And after that, we got some cockels and crab from a fresh fish shop by the sea and headed to the beach. Iruka was carrying the fish and suddenly an evil seagull stole it out of her hands!! We had to buy a second round of cockles…

When we were at the train we were so tired that we fell asleep right there.

We are happy and sad that we are leaving Wellington College because we have had a great experience here but we are also very happy to go back home!