Weekend and farewells

Wellington College

(written by the children)

This weekend we went to Windsor and to the swimming pool. In Windsor we saw beautiful and white feathered swans. We found out with Iruka that they were called «the queen’s swans…» Then we went shopping. We found a fantastic sweet shop that contained more than a thousand types of candy that we didn’t know, like sugar mice, jelly beans, Harry Potter gummy frogs, strange flavoured chewing/bubble gum and Willy Wonka chocolates within many others. In the afternoon we went to the swimming pool and had a lot of fun doing tricks underwater and meeting new people there. Part of our group went home and we, (Blanca and Maria), holding our tears waved goodbye to them. After that, we went to the disco and danced but we didn’t have as much fun as when the others were here. WE MISS YOU!!