Travelling is fun!

Wellington College

(Post made by the kids)

These days we were  doing lots of things .We went to a forest in Wellington and we found a park that was like a hospital of squirrels. We saw a squirrel with a plastic cup on its head. We took lots of pictures of the lake and played in the swings that we discovered near the «hospital».

We went to Gilford where there was a castle with lots of flowers in its garden. We went up to the tower and there were spiral stairs and they were very scary. Up the tower we were able to see all the city.

On Saturday we went to London and inside of a supermarket our monitor Iruka, encouraged us to try delicious chocolate chip cookies that she discovered when she was at university in the same city. After that we saw Queen Elisabeth tower (known as Big Ben), the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Covent Garden and we bought lots of souvenirs for our families. But our favorite place was Hamleys because its a huge toy store and we got to see all the fantastic toys and play with them. Some of us got glitter tattoos and patterned nails.

We had so much fun!!